[Media release]: EnergyAustralia takes the lead in the fight against paper fees, Keep Me Posted applauds

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It’s a first and it’s a huge win for Australian consumers, electricity and gas provider EnergyAustralia is scrapping paper bill fees and over-the-counter payment at Australia Post fees for all their customers.

Keep Me Posted Australia welcomes EnergyAustralia’s move and applauds the company for taking the lead in the fight against paper fees for all Australians.

“At Keep Me Posted, we are thrilled by EnergyAustralia’s announcement, it’s terrific news for Australian consumers,” commented Keep Me Posted Executive Director Kellie Northwood. “For the last 20 months, we have encouraged our supporters to write to their service providers to let them know how the fees impact them. EnergyAustralia has listened to its customers and is showing leadership in tackling a growing issue for Australian consumers.”

In a communique released last week, EnergyAustralia Chief Customer Officer Kim Clarke said “We’ve had a lot of feedback from customers and the message is clear – people don’t like these fees. They were introduced to avoid passing on the cost of services many customers don’t use, but circumstances have changed. Over the past year retail energy prices have increased up to 20 per cent in some states and today, more than ever, every dollar matters for families. So, we’ve listened and are getting rid of charges for paper bills and over-the-counter fees.”

Keep Me Posted, a coalition of representatives from the print, paper and mail industry, charity, trade unions and community groups, is advocating for a total ban on paper fees and is urging companies to not wait for the legislation to change to do the right thing and scrap fees on paper communications.

“EnergyAustralia sets a very positive precedent and proves that consumer voices matter,” continued Northwood. “The discontent is growing, the pressure from the community and consumer groups ramping up, we strongly urge other companies to put their customers first and axe paper fees in the days and weeks to come.”


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