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Keep Me Posted Australia

Keep Me Posted AU (KMP) is a campaign advocating every Australian’s right to choose, free of charge, how they receive important financial information. Increasingly, businesses are restricting access to paper bills and statements, denying their customers an informed choice. We believe it is the right of every consumer to determine how their banks, utility companies and other service providers communicate to them. KMP is a partnership of interest groups, charities, political representatives and businesses that represent Australians who are disadvantaged by lack of choice, or simply do not agree with the status quo.



  • 'Charging for paper bills is causing angst and issues for senior citizens. For many who do not have access to computers and are living on a pension, the additional cost is an impost they can't afford.'

    Linda, July 2016
  • 'While I am happy to receive my bills electronically, I am involved with a neighbourhood centre where there are many elderly or disadvantaged people for who this is not possible.'

    Maree, November 2016
  • 'I am retired, I do not always have access to a printer and I feel disadvantaged not having the right of choice as to how I receive my bills. I object strongly to having to pay to be a customer.'

    Hazel, November 2016
  • 'Imposition of a fee is very discriminatory towards the people who do not or cannot afford to be online.'

    Emeric, September 2016
Australia Has High Costs for Internet Access

The World Economic Forum’s scoring of ICT capability ranks Australia at just 76 out of 143 countries in terms of fixed broadband affordability. Australia still lags well behind many countries including Vietnam, UK, USA, South Africa, Russia, India, Japan, France and China among many others.

Source: World Economic Forum, The Global Information Technology Report 2015

Sustainable Communication

In a multimedia world, responsibly sourced paper and print may be the most sustainable way to communicate. Alternative media such as Digital also has an environmental impact.

Source: Two Sides, 2015

Consumer’s Want Choice

84% of consumers do not like it when companies take away their right to choose how they are communicated with.

Source: Keep Me Posted UK, Opinium, 2013

Is Digital Always More Efficient?

59% of customers in a recent survey who received an invoice via e-mail had to be sent a reminder, while only 29% of customers receiving the invoice via mail required a follow-up message.

Source: Direct Mail vs. E-Billing, KMP AU, 2016