Research studies and reports provide great insights into how consumers feel about pay-to-pay billing and statements. Below are some of the research and reports highlighting the importance of paper billing and the consumer’s right to choose.

Print and Paper in the digital world - Australia

Print and Paper in a digital world - international

Australian Digital Inclusion Index - Telstra 2017

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman 2017 Report

Australian Cyber Security Centre 2017 Threat Report

Identity theft and Australian telecommunications

Breaking down barriers to digital Government - ACCAN

Your place in the connected world - ACCAN

Our impact this year ACCAN Annual Report 2016 - 2017

Debt: use it wisely - IMF Fiscal Monitor Report October 2016

Buy now pay later - Household debt in Australia

Managing your money - ASIC's Moneysmart financial guidance

Unexpected mobile content charges - ACMA Consumer guide

Identity crime and misuse in Australia in 2016

Consumer bills and billing mediums - Ireland consumer protection

Paper Statements: An Important Consumer Protection

Stay smart online: Protect yourself in 8 steps

United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman 2016 report

Telecommunications Affordability for Low Income Australians

Targeting scams: Report of the ACCC on scams activity 2015

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index - Telstra 2016

The attractiveness and sustainability of paper and print

Digital lives of older Australians - ACMA Research 2016

Why the Brain Prefers Paper by Scientific American

How letterbox advertising drives purchasing behaviour

Mail Continues to Deliver

& consumers on effectiveness

Role of Mail

The New Challenges and Opportunities for e-Inclusion

Home Internet for Remote Indigenous Communities

Paper and Digital Communications: the case for choice

A digital inclusion empowering all Australians

Managing money online by London Economics – Executive Summary

Managing money online by London Economics - Full Report

Paper Statements – A Necessity In A Digital World

Private Life of

Report: Regional Australian Telecomms Review

The Impact of Digital Exclusion

The Internet in Australia

The Multi Layers of Digital Exclusion in Rural Australia

What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Works