Keep Me Posted AU (KMP) is a campaign fighting for every Australian’s right to choose, free of charge, how they receive important financial information. Increasingly, businesses are imposing fees and restricting access to paper bills and statements, denying their customers an informed choice. We believe it is the right of every consumer to determine how their banks, utility companies and other service providers communicate with them. KMP is a partnership of interest groups, charities, political representatives and businesses that represent Australians who are disadvantaged by lack of choice, or simply do not agree with the status quo.

In December 2017, Treasury undertook a national consultation into paper billing fees, potentially the first step towards a legislative ban on paper fees. Read more about the consultation.


Generate Consumer Advocacy

  • By conducting independent research and quantifying the impact of penalising consumers for how they choose to receive communications we will work to ensure that the right to choose is optimal for all delivery channels- digital, paper, or other.
  • Provide transitional, educational and awareness programs for consumers to assist them in choosing the best delivery outlet according to social and economic needs. The mail communications industry will be instrumental in remaining the intermediary for both physical and digital mail delivery to secure future-proof strategies for employees and stakeholders within the industry.
  • Build a consumer program for the transition to digital with balance and consideration of infrastructural alignment, consumer skill acquisition, hardware accessibility, and consumer choice.

Influence Industry Regulators

  • To review service providers’ currently providing consumers’ freedom of choice.
  • Engage with industry to understand the benefit of offering consumer choice and understand the strengths and weaknesses of all delivery channels.
  • Work with industry to develop a certification metric or compliance stamp to demonstrate commitment to consumer choice business practices. Best practice would include raising awareness for companies, Governments and community groups in the transition and equilibrium planning for their digital and physical communication and transactional interactions with Australians.

Secure Support Through an Integrated PR Campaign

Garner a coalition of support including postal operators, pension groups, debt and personal finance charities, physical and mental health charities, consumer groups, trade unions, political endorsements and voluntary adoption of the KMP pledge from responsible, consumer-focused service providers.