612 ABC Brisbane: Mornings – Interview with Kellie Northwood

Interview with Kellie Northwood, Keep Me Posted.

Transcript extract: Higgins-Devine says Steve Austin previously spoke with Northwood, about their campaign, which has been challenging banks, utilities and telcos to tell the truth about the true cost of sending paper bills. Northwood says the Keep Me Posted campaign is challenging big companies to stop charging Australians for paper bills and let consumers chose how they want to receive their bills. Northwood says not everybody has the Internet in their home. She says she has looked at studies in relation to the digital divide in Australia, such as reports from the Australian Institute of Family Studies and ABS studies. She says the likelihood of not having Internet is higher for disabled people, people in low income households, people on Age Pensions and Disability Support Pensions. Northwood says Telstra has reviewed its policies.

Northwood says Commonwealth Bank is implementing something next February. She says iiNet is charging $1.49 for paper bills, but some people are being charged $2.20. She says Senator [Nick] Xenophon supports the campaign. She says there has also been support from Tas Senator [Anne] Urquhart.

Source: 612 ABC Brisbane – 29 August 2016

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