774 ABC Melbourne: Breakfast with Red Symons – Interview with Kellie Northwood

Symons wonders who is getting charged $3 to receive a paper bill. Northwood mentions Telstra starting to do this process late last year, but reconsidered. AGL, Energy Australia and Foxtel also do the practice. Northwood is now lobbying politicians to see if they can help. Northwood has investigated the issue, and reveals that postage and printing prices have gone up. Symons mentions companies may get a rebate from Australia Post. Northwood has calculated the costs of a bill to be around 88c, and $1.02 if they add marketing material. Symons wonders if people can charge the company for sending a cheque. Northwood says some companies are also charging for digital bills, especially around tax time.

Source: 774 ABC Melbourne – 26 July 2016