[MEDIA RELEASE]: The consumer’s right to choose in the hands of Tasmanian Local Councils

On Friday November 4th, the Local Councils of Tasmania will discuss a motion of support to Keep Me Posted, the consumer campaign advocating the consumer’s right to choose how their service providers communicate with them, free of charge.
Last Monday, the Devonport City Council carried a motion of support to the campaign and a similar motion will be discussed at the next general meeting of the Local Government Association of Tasmania. The motion asks the Councils to “endorse the activities of the Keep Me Posted Campaign, which is raising awareness about the tendency of large corporates charging people who still wish to receive a paper version of information or bills.”
“We are fingers and toes crossed for the Local Government Association of Tasmania to pass the motion,” commented Kellie Northwood, Executive Director of the campaign, “Following Devonport’s example, we hope that Tasmania becomes the first state to promote the consumer’s right to choose, leading the rest of Australia.”


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