2CC Capital Radio – Breakfast: Interview of Kellie Northwood by Rod Henshaw

Transcript: Interview with Kellie Northwood, Executive Director, Keep Me Posted Campaign. Henshaw says Federal MP Andrew Leigh will attend a ‘Keep Me Posted’ forum at Belconnen Library as part of a national campaign, calling for the end of fees for paper bill and statements particularly for seniors who aren’t on the digital side. He says only 61% of Australians over the age of 65 are internet users and 1.3 million Australian households don’t have internet access at home.

Northwood says the campaign hopes the companies imposing such fees will rethink some of their strategies. She says they are also working with politicians to try and amend legislation to protect consumers. She notes that forums raise awareness of the issue and bringing community concerns straight to the politicians. She adds that fees are being charged because of business costs. She says it is a social justice issue and it impact the most vulnerable Australians including elderly Australians, people with disability, Indigenous Australians, and people with low income household.

Henshaw shares he had a situation with a major telco where he got a mail saying he didn’t pay the previous bill. He says didn’t get the bill on time. Northwood clarifies their campaign is not anti-digital, saying they are arguing people should not be imposed a penalty for their choice. She says it is a bipartisan campaign and there are politicians that assisted putting a submission to the Australian Consumer Law review and Productivity Commission. She notes that their next step is calling for a Senate inquiry. She says consumers are not protected under the legislation which they think is an oversight. She cites the 1999 Electronic Transactions Act as the best legislation to protect people.

Source: 2CC Radio Canberra – 24th March 2017

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